Gronk Hangs Up The Cleats

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement via Instagram about a week ago, and the factors that influenced his decision. Formerly known as “Gronk”, he was a character on and off the field, whether it was him dancing on the duck boats (after multiple Super Bowl wins) or spiking the football after scoring a touchdown Gronk was one of a kind. He was one of the best to play his position, and possibly the best to go through the Patriot’s organization. Gronk was an absolute machine when he got the ball lofted in his hands by Brady and sometimes took 2,3, even 4 guys to take him down.

Gronk was in the league for 9 years, all with the Patriots after they drafted him out of the University of Arizona. He is a native of Amherst, New York. Some of Gronk’s career highlights include 3x Super Bowl Champion, 5x Pro-Bowler, NFL Comeback Player of the Year, and 4x First Team All-Pro. He reeled in 521 recepetions, 7,861 receiving yards, and 79 touchdowns throughout his career. It is known that tight ends retire at a younger age due to the mental and physical toll they put on their body whether it’s blocking or catching passes.

His last play from scrimmage was of course the game winning throw from Brady in between two defenders in Super Bowl LII and that’s what people are going to remember him for. Gronk was an inspiration to all of Pats Nation.

“Yo soy Fiesta”¬†


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