Opening Day 2019

The Red Sox opened the season on the west coast against the Mariners with a four game series in Seattle, Washington. Chris Sale was the starting pitcher on Opening Day and notched his first loss of the 2019 season by a score of 12-4. He allowed 3 earned runs, something he never did the entire 2018 season.

The Sox are coming back into the swing of things after being down in Fort Myers, Florida for Spring Training. The lineup is looking roughly the same as last year with the acquisition of a few minor league pitchers and outfielders. With the pitching rotation set consisting of Sale, Price, Eovaldi, Porcello, and Rodriguez the Sox pitching is the best if not the best in the league. Sale, Price, and Rodriguez are lefties, while Eovaldi and Porcello are the righties. It’s a good split up in the five-man rotation. However, the focus isn’t just on the pitchers, slugger J.D. Martinez is back and better than ever and American League MVP Mookie Betts is ready to get his feet wet (again). Betts recently turned down an 8 year $200 million extension, something Red Sox fans don’t like to hear. Betts said he just wanted to be treated fairly and win another World Series. “He’s talking about his earning capability in the baseball marketplace. He’s not saying that he or any other ballplayer is underpaid. In the process, he’s letting it be known he’s not blinking and isn’t in a state of panic, anxious to join the gold rush. And he won’t be asking for anyone’s sympathy if his gamble backfires”.

The Red Sox start the season with a 1-3 record and head to Oakland tomorrow to play the Athletics at 10:07 p.m.


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