Are the Celtics playoff worthy?

The Celtics lose yet another game to the Houston Rockets on Sunday March 3rd at the TD Garden. The team snapped a four game losing streak to the Washington Wizards the other night but didn’t take long to rack another “L” in the loss column.

Tempers have been flaring within the team and their lack of team chemistry has clearly been showing. Many sports analysts question if this is the year Kyrie will lead them to an NBA Championship? Critics say that Boston is in the top three teams of the league despite their losing antics, however say that when playoff time comes Boston will pull it together and put up a fight in the playoffs. The Celtics are currently 3rd in the Atlantic Division.

They travel out west for a road stretch facing 12 opponents that are playoff worthy during a tough time in the season, which will definitely test their potential.

Personally I think when time comes and playoffs are nearing, the Celtics will work out the kinks and be a serious contender.

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