Snap Kraft Pop

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been accused of solicitation of prostitution in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Apparently the billionaire figure was videotaped paying for a sex act inside a massage parlor in which police secretly planted these cameras due to the increase of sex trafficking around the state of Florida.

The Patriots are the most successful sports team on the planet and although they have been involved in many scandals over the past 10 years I believe the NFL and Roger Goodell have a insane amount of hatred toward the New England dynasty due to the success in the past decade.

There are two other people involved in the investigation who were unidentified.

I don’t think that Kraft committed these crimes and they have mistaken him for someone else. When your worth that much money and have been this successful winning 6 out of 10 Super Bowls, along with dating a 39 year old at age 77 I highly doubt these acts were committed.


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